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Dee Bills

PT, Front Office GURU

Every patient that comes into your practice is handled by your front desk before being seen. And in many cases, the front office is where the practice bleeds the most visits and revenue. I started Front Office GURU because I saw a need for quality front office staff training. My experience as a practice owner has led me to develop specialized training for my front end staff to help us capture all potential patients at the initial call and to prevent the high rate of patient drop offs that can occur when the front end has difficulty handling patient needs and objections. My programs offer private practices specialized front office training to ensure your staff can prevent common issues from occurring. When your front office is well-trained, your practice begins to run like a well-oiled machine and you maximize your practice’s efficiency.

About Dee Bills

I started my career as a physical therapist and spent over 20 years in various settings. In 2004, my husband Mike achieved his career-long dream of owning an outpatient PT practice. In 2011, we recognized that with the impending changes in healthcare, we wouldn’t survive without making changes and improving our practice efficiency and expanding our reach. As he began working on practice expansion, I began managing the administrative side of the practice. Over the past 6 years, I’ve developed front office systems to increase efficiency, organization, and patient control, created a recruiting and hiring machine to accurately locate only the highest quality administrative staff, and I’ve built company-wide policies and procedures, job hats and expectations, as well as practice-wide training procedures.

These systems have provided our practice the opportunity to expand without Mike and I having to do all the work and spend endless hours working in the practice. My front office systems have improved new patient conversions, patient arrivals, schedule efficiency and collections beyond industry standards which has allowed him to focus on his dream and not on crunching numbers. ​ In 2016, I realized how much I missed helping others and I founded Front Office GURU. My mission is to help other private practice owners achieve similar success in their practice by training their front office staff and offering consistent systems to install in the practice.

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