Achievement Rehab

Achievement Rehab Success Story

Checkout how Front Office GURU helped strenghten this practice’s amazing patient care coordinators – in helping patients understand the importance of their health, managing patients better with the right tools, and mastering the ability to communicate with patients more effectively, among others.

Edith's Success Story

“Front Office Guru has been a game changer for our administrative staff and the way we operate. Learning new ways to communicate with our patients and organize some of our processes has been incredibly empowering.

Dee gave us the tools to be confident in communicating our policies in a friendly, but firm manner, resulting in our patients having a more clear understanding of what we need to best help them along their therapy journey, in turn helping us decrease cancellations and increase our arrival rates & plan of care completions!

Not only was the weekly training helpful, but having Dee as a “lifeline” through out the process has been huge. We have been so thankful to be able to reach out to brainstorm ideas as we encountered various scenarios while implementing some new policies & procedures.

Front Office GURU provided a wonderful training that will stick with us forever as we continue to grow!

~ Edith Pollard, Director of Administration, Achieve Rehab

Amanda's Success Story

“Front Office GURU has helped strengthen my voice and advocate for the patients and to help them understand just how important their health is and how vital each and every position to this team is in making the patient successful.

Dee taught me how to be more firmly compassionate and to utilize our words and our product for a more successful outcome for us and the patient! Just in the short time that we got to spend with Dee, our arrival percentage went up by 2-5% increase in arrivals!

I am forever grateful for her and her product showing me how to utilize every second of my time and how to use it to benefit each and every patient and provider I have the privilege of working with! Thank you Dee!”

– Amanda, PCC

Jordynn's Success Story
“The Front Office GURU (FOG) program has helped me manage patients better by giving me the tools to help better communicate with patients during their care. Many times while I am overwhelmed with work I used to just do whatever the patient needed to move on with my day and ended up giving them too much information. With the tools I learned in FOG, I now have specific scripting that is straight, to the point, and consistent with all patients.

With these tools I am able to get so much more done in an orderly fashion. Especially in regards to cancellations! I now use the same scripting with each patient so there is no confusion with what needs to be done moving forward.”

– Jordynn, PCC

Maeghan's Success Story
“One thing I’ve mastered now after our Front Office GURU course with Dee is definitely the ability to tell my patients what we NEED from them. Just changing that one word in my scripting alone has helped me feel more confident in communicating with not just my patients but their PCP’s as well!

I used to apologize for everything I have since stopped saying ‘sorry’ for things that are out of my control, and now since telling patients I NEED rather than what I want them to do, I have seen an increase in patients adhering to their plan of care!

Since working with Dee, my clinic numbers have been going up and up each week that passes!”

– Maeghan, PCC

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