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Patient Care Success Story

Meet Mallory and Sydney. I spent the better part of 2018 working with this incredible team and their success stories just had to be shared. When we started, they suffered with cancellations and struggled to properly manage their patients. Now they’ve become Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) with the skills, systems, and tools needed to properly manage their patients’ care. Read their success stories below…

Mallory's Success Story

“Dee’s program is truly a life changing program to be a part of. It’s no coincidence that you’ve come across her amazing program. Dee’s program is amazing, spectacular & everything in between! With the help of Dee and her program our arrival rate has sky rocketed!! In the beginning before her program our arrivals were anywhere between 83%-87% on a good day. We were constantly struggling with patients calling to cancel their appointments.

When we first started with Dee, I was a little hesitant but every single week she welcomed us with a bright smiling face and a warm welcome! With Dee, nothing is out of reach! Each week we go through a key chapter together and began implementing each and every thing Dee recommended. And we would always ask her about scenarios we faced throughout the week and ask for suggestions or how do we handle this in the future?

As our experience with Dee is dwindling down, we now know how to handle each and every situation with a patient & I feel confident doing so!! Dee will make certain that every single front desk receptionist is 100% comfortable handling, dealing & implementing her program. She is very welcoming to questions, and suggestions. Dee is all about doing what works for YOUR clinic. We have implemented everything Dee has recommended but modified it to better fit our clinic, and she is fine with it, because her program is to help you do what’s best and she knows what is best because she has faced all of the scenarios in her own clinic.

As we started implementing more & more stuff Dee suggested as her program went on we saw our arrival rates go all the way up to anywhere between 92%-100%!! With Dee’s help, we have achieved not one but TWO 100% efficiency and patient arrival days! As each week goes on with Dee you learn something new, and we’ve never back tracked with our arrival rates. At the end of each week, we as a front desk look back and reflect on our arrival rate and cancel and no show rates, we look at things we could do differently or things we did that really helped and we share those with Dee. 

I think my favorite part of Dee’s program is how much Dee cares about your clinic succeeding as much as she does hers. And during each call Dee constantly compliments the front desk on their hard work by her “hi-fives” (which come quite often) at the end of each call we always end on a positive note with a “win” from the week. She constantly focuses on the progress your making as a clinic. This program is not only for the front desk but for the patients, clinical staff, and clinic! Dee and her program are one of a kind! It truly is life changing for your clinic and you will appreciate her from the moment you meet her!

Thank you Dee for everything & becoming a lifelong friend!” ~ Mallory M. 

Sydney's Success Story

“This program has been an absolute life saver! Before starting Dee’s New Patient Conversions Program, I had about 7 months under my belt as a front office coordinator at Atlas PT. I felt comfortable in my job role and confident in my performance. But, after a few weeks of studying the content and meeting weekly with Dee, I noticed a world of difference in the typical work day! We started putting more systems in place and getting control of our schedule!

I’d have to say that my biggest takeaway is our attendance policy and how we enforce it. Our clinic has always had an attendance policy…we just didn’t know how to enforce it! Dee helped me see that I’m not being mean or inconsiderate when the time comes to charge a patient our cancellation fee. I’m simple maintaining control of our schedule so we can help as many people as possible.

Our arrival rate for this past quarter was an average of 92% whereas before this program it was high 80s at best. In this time, we also added almost 20 visits per week to our schedule and we still kept our arrivals and utilization up! This meant we were spending significantly less time answering calls from patients who were cancelling and less time trying to refill same day appointments…not to mention no more losing out on authorized visits because someone cancelled right before their auth expired!

Dee’s front office GURU program has truly been a treasure chest full of tools and tips on maintaining control of our patients and our schedule! The best part? We have literature and video training sessions to use for training ALL new hires!! Thanks Dee!”

~ Sydney T.

TJ's Success Story

“When TJ Sanner called me, he knew that he wanted front office training and systems that could be duplicated across his growing practice. He said he needed me to train his current team but he also wanted something that could be used to train future hires and could be duplicated across multiple clinics when he and Laura expanded the practice.

​”TJ was very clear that he wanted training that would increase his team’s ability to manage patients effectively, so he didn’t have to worry about new patient conversions or the constant same-day cancellations and no-shows. He wanted to establish true ‘Patient Care Coordinators’ that understood their role in patient management and had the ability to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

“We started with my New Patient Conversions Program and progressed to the Patient Arrivals Program after that was complete. Overall, I spent 7 months training his team and establishing proven systems; and now, well now his team is hitting out of the park and they know what it takes to manage their patients and help more people get the care they need. And TJ has a training manual to use for all future hires and additional practices.”

– Dee Bills

Read on for TJ’s success story…

Before Front Office GURU:

“We’re a relatively new practice; being only 2.5 years old. Things were going well but I knew we could be doing better with our Front Desk systems. All of the systems we had we had created as we’d gone along, some good, some bad. We had been tracking arrival rate, but it went up and down.

​A great week for us was 90% patient arrivals and bad weeks were in the low 80s%. We would wonder what more we could do to keep consistently above 90%. We had just made a new hire and I wanted a formal training process for her. That was when I revisited Dee’s program and reached back out looking for help. I wasn’t skeptical at her authenticity or program, she clearly has a game plan and knows her stuff.”

During and After Front Office GURU’s program:

“Wow…. what a program with a ton of great content! I’m so happy we finally have a plan that works! Our best week previously is now a bad week for us with arrivals consistently above 90% and we finally hit a pink unicorn day, not once but two times. I went through the course myself as an owner and to help the front desk be accountable. It was a lot of work and time investment but I wouldn’t change a thing. I can see the confidence level in our front desk team, they are true pros and masters in their role. They own their positions and are now confident and forward thinking to solve other problems that creep up.

From a financial investment the program has paid for itself within the first month. We went from 128 cancels in our worst month (with 714 visits total for the practice) to 79 cancellations (while consistently growing to 801 visits). Does it get any better than this? I am a huge advocate for this program and happy to talk to anyone considering it to share my experiences.”

~ TJ Sanner, co-owner of Atlas Physical Therapy, Glen Burnie, MD

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