How to Take CONTROL of Your Front Desk Schedule

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The Importance of Front Desk Schedule

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Any time of the year, especially during the holiday season, we need our PCCs to take control of our front desk schedule and patient care, so patients don’t drop out or skip appointments. 

This is key to SCHEDULE CONTROL and it’s how we can avert those awful declining reimbursements!

The BEST gift you can give your front office team members is to provide training that helps them learn how to take control of your front desk schedule and lead the way when working with patients. 

When your PCCs receive training that give them the skills they need to handle patients effectively and efficiently, your entire practice improves. They can control your front desk schedule confidently and give you the support you need to do your job, which is to help your patients.

Control isn’t bad; until it’s handed over to the patient. 

We’ve all seen this happen and how a controlling patient hurts the entire team and our ability to help other patients. Why? 

Your PCC’s must control the front desk schedule

Because when someone else controlling things, it’s really hard to get it back. When PCCs don’t control your front desk schedule, it affects everyone involved, including you and future patients.

Since this is easier for me to explain in person, I created this video that you and your team can watch that explains ONE way we can give up control to our patients. 

I also talk about the problems giving up control of your front desk schedule creates for us all.

CLICK HERE to watch this FREE training video. 

Wishing you and your team success, today and always, 


P.S. Inside my Training Academy, we discuss Mastering Schedule Control at length. Join today to FINALLY take control of your front desk schedule so you can help more patients get the care they need and deserve.


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