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Take CONTROL of same-day cancellations and no-shows

This group coaching begun the week of January 24th 2022

Because cancellations and no-shows are the biggest button for practices, I’ve created an 8 week program and I’m offering you the opportunity to join me in a small group training program focused on mastery and implementation of my proven Cancellation Prevention Program.

This group training program will be 8 weeks long and we’ll review and re-master the following:

I have heard from quite a few practice owner and managers and they’ve all shared similar complaints:

•  They’ve had repeated turnover at their front desk in the past 1-2 years

•  They’re suffering with cancellations and dropouts due to a recent surge in cases

•  For past clients, they’ve noticed that some of what the team had learned has dropped out or become  inconsistent

•  Their team appears knocked down and worn out after trying to manage patient care during these tough times.

•  And then there are those that want to take control of their same-day cancellations once and for all.​

So, I decided to offer an affordable option to help you and your practice take control of your same-day cancellations and no-shows.

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I’m holding an 8-week Cancelation Prevention Course. And I’m inviting you to join me.

Here are the main course details:

•  This will be a small group program – to encourage a sense of community as they learn/relearn together I will work to keep the groups less than 10 practices.

•   It will focus on my Cancellation Prevention Program.

•  The first 7 sessions will cover developing the right mindset and we’ll focus on mastering each step of Cancellation Prevention to ensure everyone can handle patient with much more ease.

•  Each month you will receive a course pack and all the digital files that go with it to implement the system with clarity.

•  We’ll hold weekly group Zoom meetings to go over what were learned that week
•  I’ll help you overcome any worries, considerations or objections you may have picked up over the past 2 years.

•  Everyone will receive weekly emails of encouragement and to check in.

•  And during the course you’ll all have access to me on Voxer so we can stay in contact between meetings.

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