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As the ‘Front Office GURU’, I help your front desk team master patient management, stop same-day cancellations, and convert more leads to scheduled evaluations.

“Our ROI was immediate! Front Office GURU training increased our revenue by $30,000 just by stopping same-day cancellations!” – Bryan K, practice owner

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Are You Tired Of Same-day Cancellations And No-shows?

Check out Delaine’s Success Story and learn how they increased their arrival rate to above 95%!!!

Want to see how much money your practice is  losing—and your yearly revenue potential—if you increased your arrival rate?

At Front Office GURU, we regularly see our clients’ arrival rate skyrocket to 95% and beyond. Use our calculator below to determine your current numbers and what they would be like after completing our training programs.

To begin, compile between 4 - 52 weeks of data you will use for your calculations
Enter the total # of weeks this data was collected is over
ENTER your total # of visits seen during this period
Enter the total # of same-day cancellations & no-shows
Enter your average reimbursement ($)
Your average arrival rate is
At this arrival rate, you are losing ($) per year due to same-day cancels + no-shows
If you increased your arrrival rate to 95%
You would add an additional visits per week without having to advertise more
And add an additional per week from your currently list of patients without doing more evals
And you would increase your yearly revenue potential to simply by increasing arrival rate to 95%.

Don’t wait any longer. Give your front office staff the training they need to prevent cancellations, increase schedule control, and improve your arrival rate so you can business can skyrocket, too.

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Do you have a high rate of same-day cancellations and no-shows?

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Are you struggling to fill your schedule and want your team to consistently schedule a FULL plan of care at the initial appt?

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