Guided training with Dee from Front Office GURU

Master the Patient Care Coordinator Program

as Dee guides you and your PCCs through the training

Give your front office staff the training they need to prevent cancellations and increase schedule control

to scheduled and arriving new patients

Use a proven system of patient management to STOP SAME-DAY CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS

Master scheduling techniques and utilization to FILL THE SCHEDULE

INCREASE COLLECTIONS and comfortably discuss cost of care

Develop lasting relationships and BUILD PATIENTS-FOR-LIFE

Prevent PATIENT DROP OFFS and help more patients lead a higher quality of life

The One-on-One Patient Care Coordinator Program offers PROVEN SOLUTIONS to the most common problems you encounter in your practice.

The focus of this program is on training
your front office team to

  • Properly identify new leads
  • Sell your services
  • Handle objections to receiving care
  • Manage your patient list so patients are scheduled AND arriving as scheduled
  • Establish systems that create a well-run, well-organized practice.

The skills learned in this program lay the ground work for “higher level patient management” and take the responsibilities of managing the front desk off of the owners and managers and put it where it belongs; in the hands of those working in your front office.

“The more responsible an employee becomes, the more productive they are. And the more people your practice can help…”

In this one-on-one coaching and consulting program, your team receives coaching from the ‘GURU’ and learns how to properly manage your patients starting as soon as the initial call.

Upon completion of the program, your team will:

Convert More Leads

• Understand the path a patient needs to take to achieve full recovery.

• Be confident and able to guide the patient along that path and ensure that more patients get the care they need in an efficient and effective manner.

• Have the skills to maintain control of the new patient process.

• Handle the 1st phone call like a pro and identify ALL potential new patients.

• Use specifically designed techniques to increase communication, build trust, and develop a relationship with the potential new patient.

• Have the skills to convert more calls to scheduled and arriving new patients.

• Use specially developed questions and patient management systems to ensure that more potential patients schedule and arrive for their evaluation.

• Understand what it takes to track their calls to conversions and successful new patient arrivals so they can measure their success on a daily basis.


• Confidently and consistently get patients to schedule out the full plan of care.

• Prevent “same-day cancellations and no-shows” using my proven Cancellation Program

• Your team will have confidence in handling patients and not fear using this process.

Manage the schedule like a pro to ensure that spots are filled, and patients are consistently meeting their weekly prescribed visits.

• Properly manage patient visits on a weekly basis with the main goal of ensuring that all patients get the care they need to achieve a fully recovered state.

• Understand what patient objections really mean and know how to handle their top objections with ease.

• Increase patient retention by utilizing a specifically designed and highly effective program to decrease same-day cancellations and no-shows.

Your team members will learn:

• How to properly handle phone calls to avoid patient upset

• What it means to control the process and how to speak to get someone to follow your lead

• Using specific tools and scripting to convert leads to scheduled new patient appointments

• Specific actions and scripting to increase new patient arrivals

• How to welcome a new patient into the practice

• How to educate your patients on finances and visit expectations

• How to schedule a full plan of care and using specific patient information to handle objections

• Using a Cancellation Program to prevent same-day cancellations and no-shows

• Mastering the schedule – filling spots, managing patients to get them to take times that you have

• Managing and improving schedule utilization, establishing clinical quotes and ensuring they’re kept

What you’ll receive with this program:

Printable Course Pack

As part of the Patient Management System, you’ll receive a full course pack that you can download and print for your practice. This course pack will become your training manual for all new hires and can also be used for staff retraining to keep everyone focused and using the systems as intended.

Practical Assessments

I want you to be able to assess a trainee’s understanding of what was just read. So, I’ve provided practical assessments with each part of the course. As they work through a lesson, your team members will have practical questions to answer to ensure understanding and application. You will be able to review them to be sure they understand what was just read and can apply it.

Effective Scripts and Drills

As part of this course, I provide highly effective scripting for your team members to use to get the desired results. Since practice ensures that team members can perform as expected, it’s essential that your team members practice the scripts outside of patient care before implementing them. So, with each script we provide drills that instruct you how to practice each one before using them in the patient setting.

Video Coaching Calls

This program comes with 16 one-on-one video coaching calls for you and your team. These are private, bi-weekly calls with Dee Bills, from Front Office GURU. During your coaching sessions, we’ll review what you and your team have studied for that week, drill scripts, and make a plan to implement each action to achieve fast results. You can record these calls and use them for future staff training and retraining.

Implementation Checklists

This program is about ensuring your practice has a system that gets results and that your team members are highly effective. Because of that, we provide a Review and Implementation Pack to help you get it done. This is a great pack to refer to when you’re implementing initially and also an excellent resource in the future when training and retraining occurs to make sure no actions have fallen out.

Digital Files

At Front Office GURU, we don’t believe in making you recreate the wheel. So, when we talk about implementation of new systems or use of specific files, we provide them so you can implement them right away! Each part of the training comes with its own set of digital files that you can download and use while you’re learning. And the best part is that you’ll have them forever.

Voxer Access

With private coaching and consulting, you should have access to your GURU. So, I offer you and your team access to me via Voxer Voice Messaging. In between coaching calls, you and your team can leave me a typed or voice message with questions or concerns, and I will respond in less than 1 business day. This is great to ensure you can implement in a timely fashion.

Follow-up calls

Upon completion of the Patient Management Program, you will have the opportunity to schedule two additional follow-up calls at 4 weeks and 8 weeks post-training. These are used to ensure your team has fully implemented the systems or for future planning.

Don’t waste time creating yet another system that may or may not work the way you want.

I’ve spent years creating and mastering this program to get maximal results in our practice and then in other practices like yours.

Success comes from having a consistent program to train your staff and the commitment to train your team.

Joining the program is easy.

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