Jaci Weise

Success Story

Jaci’s Success Story

“Hey Dee, I just want to thank you so much for all the time and drills you had with us. I have learned so much and am able to sound more professional when dealing with clients in the front. I didn’t really think much about the patient care coordinator position as I went back to get a second degree as a PTA. You have really made me reconsider my position as a PCC, and that regardless of my PTA degree, I went back to school to help people in any way I can. You really helped me just want to help people get the care they need no matter my position! And the patients really like that. I am setting up their appointments as well as treating them, almost fell like I am double dipping in the warm fuzzy zone on that one! Even my PT has said what a special bond I have with some of the patients when they get to work with me twice in a day. Thank you so much again, I really appreciate all you have done for our group!”

– Jaci Weise, PTA,
OrthoRehab Physical Therapy

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