The 5 Key Stats Of The Front Desk With Dee Bills, PT Of Front Office GURU

“The front desk is the first and last thing your patients see. So it’s very important to have competent and truly caring people on there. To help you level up your front desk, Dee Bills is here with 5 key stats that you need to keep track of as a front desk.

“Dee Bills started Front Office GURU because she recognized that her business was hemorrhaging production, efficiency, and profits because of the shortcomings at her front desk. Recognizing that front desk personnel needed more training she went on a 1-year mission to create a highly efficient front desk department, and her business changed dramatically. She now trains PT (and other healthcare) teams on how to run their front offices productively and effectively so providers can be most successful.

“In today’s episode, join Nathan Shields as he talks to Dee Bills about the 5 key statistics that she tracks at the front desk to ensure things are running optimally. Remember, it’s the front desk’s job to coordinate care and it’s the provider’s job is to provide the care.”

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