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Cassidy’s Success Story

“The Front Office GURU program has helped me so much in being successful in my job as a Patient Care Coordinator! It has organized our paperwork and processes in our clinic so much. I now feel like there is something implemented to help each patient in each of their unique situations. I feel in control with our patients, but still able to show them that we care about them and their well-being! Our efficiency and ability to help patients has increased and I am excited to see the success that lies ahead of us as we continue to work with Dee.”

~Cassidy, PCC at Rx Rehab Physical Therapy

Scott and Heidi's Success Story

We recently went through the front office GURU program and it was amazing! We are a new physical therapy practice and have only been in business full time for about a year. With that comes so many things to figure out and learn. Dee helped us set up our systems in our front office. Without her we would still be struggling and trying to figure out front office systems that work. She helped us fast track this process. So although the initial investment can seem large for a new start up clinic, the time it saved us in figuring out how to run an office has been extremely valuable. Her systems are great and have really helped us with many things including quickly catching the patients who have gone MIA, quickly knowing whether all over the counter payments have been collected each day, not letting potential new patients slip through the cracks, knowing at a quick glance which patients aren’t scheduled out for their full amount of prescribed visits each week, knowing what questions to ask when completing insurance verifications, having a missed visit policy and how to present it, and the list could go on and on. Being a new business, we have used a variety of consultants and companies to help us get started with things and Dee’s program is by far one of the very best things we have done. Her program exceeded our expectations and still continues to do so. Although we are in the follow up phase now, she still quickly answers any questions we have, gives us new material she has created, and invites us to various webinars. Dee is very genuine and you can tell that she absolutely wants the most success possible for each of her clients. If anyone were to ask me what they should do when starting a physical therapy clinic, the front office GURU’s program would be one of the things I would absolutely tell them would be a great return on their investment. Dee also has a hiring program which we went through as well and it helped us quickly and efficiently weed out many candidates that wouldn’t have been who we wanted. Her hiring program is also very good and I would definitely recommend that as well. As we grow and expand I am confident that the systems Dee has helped put in place will be able to grow and expand with us. Her program also left us with a training program for all future hires, with lots of reading and reviewing material, as well as our recorded sessions with her. If you are thinking about front office GURU I would say go for it! Dee and her program are amazing!

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