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Latest Update this 2022

“Since we’ve started using Dee’s Front Office GURU training, we have had an easier time getting our patients to commit to their physical therapy and showing up for all of their scheduled appointments. Front Office GURU is the simplest thing to implement with any front desk employees.

“It’s simply a matter of your wording and enthusiasm when talking to patients to get them to not cancel their appointments and we’ve learned this with the Front Office GURU training. Oh, and we had 100% arrivals THREE days in a row this week!!”

~ Betsy, PCC – Teton Therapy, PC

Teton Therapy’s Success Story

“I spent late summer through the fall of 2018 working with the amazing team at Teton Therapy. Their 4 clinics are located all throughout the state of Wyoming so having a set new patient program was essential for their team. Read what their team had to say about the New Patient Conversions Program” – Dee Bills

Julie’s Success Story

“After working with Dee on the New Patient Conversions Program. I feel I’ve gained tools for managing difficult situations with greater confidence. Learning the difference between emphasizing a need rather than a want when talking with patients has been…” invaluable for implementation policies and helped to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. Standing firm with our “product” and end goal in mind helps to keep me focused and helping the patient remain committed to achieve success.” ~ Julie, PCC at Teton Therapy

Nancy’s Success Story

“I believe the greatest thing I achieved from this class is confidence! That begins with the initial phone call. I love the New Patient Routing form! It directs the conversation and I stumble a lot less for words when working with this form…”. Collecting late fees and no-show fees – the idea that we only cdo the fees to help the patient meet their goal of getting better. This puts the responsibility back on the patient – which gives me less anxiety in collecting. Overall the class helped define my job – when you have been doing things for years, it’s easy to lose hold of your job duties. Thanks Dee, for getting me re-focused!” ~ Nancy, PCC at Teton Therapy

Jody's Success Story

“The program gave me the confidence I needed to take control of my front desk position and my patients. I was given great advice on how to handle difficult situation and remain in control…”. I have found that applying my nagging mom skills at work is okay as it is only given with love and in the best interest of my patients’ health! I have also begun using the training when scheduling out the patients’ full plan of care and found it helps me keep control as well as make my job easier. Work smart not hard. Thanks for everything!” ~ Jody, PCC at Teton Therapy

Sanja's Success Story

“When I first started with Front Office GURU, I was fairly new at my job. At the time, I was having difficulties confronting patients’ excuses when they would call in to cancel therapy. I knew there was something to be said but I felt like I lacked the skill and the right argument to do this in an efficient and polite manner. Discussing this issue with Dee and the other front office coordinators helped me understand how other clinics are dealing with similar problems and what works for them and by doing so, it helped me gain confidence to apply similar tactics…”. It has also helped me come up with appropriate counter argument at the right time and deliver it in the right manner, which ultimately helped me achieve my goal. Patients were more willing to come in for therapy, even if they had other issues or plans. They were also more open to rescheduling their therapy for a different day by adjusting their calendar. The routing form was hard at the beginning, but I realized how much more of an insight it provided into patient’s reality and I had a more substantial description of their issue from their own point of view. When I started utilizing these advantages religiously the results were instant! The more I used it, the more useful it became in the most crucial moments of converting a potential patient into a patient that understands the importance of getting help and confronting their issues. Trying out new tactics and approaches was quite educational. Having mostly success with all the new stuff we learned, I am now open more to trying out new tactics and experimenting. I really appreciate being a part of this learning experience!” ~ Sanja W, PCC at Teton Therapy

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