Hire Qualified Front Office
Team Members

As I began coaching private practices, owners and managers recognized a new need: the need to hire qualified front office team members.

So, I create the Ultimate Team Building Program to assist practice owners and managers in their recruiting and hiring efforts.

This program is a short course program with 1:1 coaching and guidance.

Course specifics:.

  • Course Pack

  • 2 Coaching Calls with private link to schedule at your convenience

  • Access to Dee on Voxer to ask questions and gain feedback during your hiring process. 

  • ALL the digital files you need to post ads, create in-office challenges, and make the offer.


Part 1: Preparing to hire your next Patient Care Coordinator

In part 1, we will put together a plan for hiring that includes: naming the position and defining your ideal employee. We’ll look at setting a budget and set an acceptable salary range for your area and make a schedule to conduct your hiring a recruiting actions. I’ll discuss the willing and able employee, how and why you need to test your applicants, and you’ll prepare and post your ad.

Part 2: My original recruiting process

In part 2, we’ll discuss how to handle those applicants who circumvent your process, how to review the cover letter and resume to weed out the unqualified applicants before wasting time on them, and how to use a response email to weed out more unqualified applicants so you have a more unified group that begin to fit your practice’s needs. We’ll also discuss how to add tests into your process.

Part 3: Handling applicants from automated sites

In part 3, I’ll cover my process for handling applicants that come from automated sites like Indeed and Monster. We’ll cover what to do when you only receive a resume, using a response email to gather more information that’s relevant to your practice, and how to set targets and goals for their responses to weed out unqualified applicants.

Part 4: Finding the best fit for your team

In part 4, I’ll show you how to use a questionnaire to learn more about your applicant and why that’s so important. We’ll cover the phone interview and why it’s so important in helping you weed out unqualified and uninterested applicants. We’ll them move into determining who you will bring in for in-office interviews and how to use in-office challenges to really nail down the best choice for your team. As we move through part 4, we’ll look at how to use a team for your hiring, why you need team members to also interview the applicant, and why you shouldn’t ever ignore that feeling of unease.

Part 5: Making an offer and getting them started

In part 5: it’s time to decide WHO your next hire will be. In this part of the training, I’ll cover why you need to run a background check, and how to make the offer for hire. I’ll also discuss the importance of setting the expectations of the position so the new hire knows WHAT they are agreeing to as you bring them on board. We’ll discuss how to sweeten the offer without breaking the bank and I’ll share some tips for getting them started with training.

Do YOU need help recruiting and hiring better front office team members?

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