What if I invest in training my front desk and they leave?

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You might be asking yourself “Why invest in front office training if they’re just going to leave?” 

I’ve heard this question a LOT lately because front office turnover is at an all-time high.  

And added to that, you might also be thinking “when they’re studying, they’re not at the front desk”.  So, you’re paying them to learn WHILE they’re not up front answering the phones and scheduling patients.   

Add that to the fear that they might leave…and you’ve got yourself a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

I understand where you’re coming from because I used to have that EXACT same thought about investing in staff training. In fact, that used to be my justification for NOT investing in staff training. 

But then a friend and mentor sat me down and showed me what my beliefs were costing us (and our practice).  

And it completely changed my mind about investing in staff training. 

I immediately thought: “Dee, what if you don’t invest in training and they stay?”

Instead of showing you what you ‘could’ be making, let me show you what it’s costing you by not investing in front office training…

A high rate of same-day CX + NS result in lowered efficiency

Higher same-day cancels and no-shows make your front desk staff less efficient. When someone calls to CX, it takes time to answer that call, handle that patient, try to reschedule them, AND then work the call-list + find someone else to schedule. That took time away from all the other things they need to do each day. 

Added to that, most patients are busy, and they appreciate the same notice that you do. Which is why it’s much easier to fill any day other than today. 

TIP: A truly efficient front desk has less than 6% same-day cancels and no-shows. This allows your front office team to be proactive and focus on filling tomorrow’s schedule instead of having to spend today trying to fill today’s schedule. Cancellation Prevention is KEY to your team’s success.

Lost new patients = higher costs

Converting leads requires sales skills. People call for many different reasons, and if they’re unsure if you can help them, they’ll ask questions or throw out objections to scheduling and arriving for that initial appt. 

And people aren’t calling if they don’t need our help. Unfortunately most front office staff don’t know what to say when someone is shopping around, asking a lot of questions, or throwing out objections to scheduling or arriving for care. So they end up not scheduling them and you end up spending a lot more than you need to on marketing and promotion. 

The average practice loses at least 5-10 potential patients per week – or 260-520 new patients per year. And if you have a 10-12 visit average POC, that equates to a loss of $200,000 to $468,000 per year to a practice. In many cases, it’s not seen as a loss because practices aren’t tracking this metric. So it goes unseen…

TIP: When you train your front office to convert those potential patients and handle objections, they take control of those new patient calls, and you see an increase in average visit AND ROI from your marketing and promotion.

When you train your front office to convert potential patients and handle objections, they take control of those new patient calls, and you see an increase in average visit AND ROI from your marketing and promotion. Click To Tweet

Lower collections and increased patient dropout rate 

You’re asking someone who makes $15-20 per hour (on average) to discuss the cost of care with your patients. So they’re having to tell someone that they have a $4000 deductible and a $75-125 per visit out of pocket cost while thinking “I can’t afford that so how could they”.  

(When I work with a front office team, they tell me that. Every. Single. Time.)

So when a patient has objections to paying their responsibility, your front desk staff aren’t prepared to handle those objections and are more like to allow the patient to drop out of care; because of their own worries about money. 

Tip: Your front desk needs to understand that patients are going to spend their money somewhere. Without providing them with skills to handle objections to cost of care, your practice is losing even MORE. And patients are losing out on the care that would likely help them. 

It causes a higher turnover rate 

This is a fact, and it applies to us all. When we don’t understand something, we’re more likely to give up on it. Your front desk didn’t go to school to learn HOW to manage people, handle their objections and get them coming in for care. 

So they have a failed purpose when they can’t handle people and get them scheduled with ease. And it will happen not long after they sign on with you. That’s why people leave within days of starting a front office position. 

Tip: Provide training to new hires and retraining to all staff on a regular basis. Things like how to get someone scheduled, collect what’s due, and preventing a cancel / NS. 

Untrained staff create more work for you 

If you’ve found yourself giving the same orders over and over. Or if you’re constantly having to put out fires or losing sleep over lost visits or revenue, this is often related to staff not being trained. 

When someone doesn’t know HOW to handle a situation, they come to you. You’re the stable base in the practice who “knows” so they will come to you to solve the problem or to make that decision because they’re uncertain how to do it.

Tip: Train your staff to be competent, responsible, and provide regular retraining so they maintain successful skills. 

You aren’t helping as many patients as you could be

This one is the one that breaks my heart the most. Untrained front office staff are less likely to know how to handle objections, so you lose patients before they’ve completed care. This can happen at any time throughout a plan of care; on the initial call, on the day of the eval, when discussing cost of care, when scheduling a POC, or when someone calls to CX or worse, they just NS…

Tip: When you have a trained front desk, the practice helps more people, your marketing ROI is lower, and YOU’RE able to have more time to work on the practice instead of in it. 

When you have a trained front desk, the practice helps more people, your marketing ROI is lower, and YOU’RE able to have more time to work on the practice instead of in it.  Click To Tweet

I get angry and frustrated when I hear about same-day cancels and no-shows that are more than 5% because I have the solution that PREVENTS CX and NS. 

And I hate seeing practice owners spending so much on new patient leads; because without a well-trained front desk, you’re spending MORE than you should to get new patients. 

I’ve been there and I learned the hard way that if my front desk staff weren’t trained, I lost money, time, energy, and sleep. Every. Single. Time. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. 

While any investment is risky, and you may have been burned before, I can honestly say that my training IS different than anything you’ve ever seen. Because I understand practice ownership and what it takes to not only survive but thrive in uncertain times. 

I didn’t just ‘throw this training together’. This is exactly what we’ve used in our practice for the past 10 years, so I KNOW it works. 

This training is like sending them to school to learn to properly manage patients and take control of your schedule. They’ll learn WHAT to do and WHY they’re doing it. You won’t find this anywhere else. Why? Because I believe they can learn; in fact, I know they can. 

And guess what. IF someone leaves you can remove them and add your new hire. It’s THAT easy! 

(In fact, some owners have now started using parts of this training in their hiring process…to weed out the ones that won’t make it BEFORE they hire them…)

Don’t keep waiting for things to change or for the perfect team that might never come. The overall investment is small compared to current cost of lost patients and revenue. And the potential return is massive. 

You can get started now and get $100 off the platform through June 30th. 

Simply go to https://FrontOfficeTraining.com and enter June100 at checkout. 

Have a wonderful evening.



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