Why I Started
Front Office GURU

How I became the Front Office GURU

I decided to become a physical therapist because I wanted to “help people“. Sound familiar?

But, my time as a physical therapist didn’t prepare me to become a private practice owner!

It felt like a day to day challenge until I started investing my time into training my team…

When we bought our practice in 2005, Mike and I didn’t have training on how to “be” an owner and manage a large team of people.

Up until 2012, I hadn’t worked in our practice with Mike; I had my own career in physical therapy and worked with an entirely different patient population. But in 2012, as Mike got trained in how to really manage his practice, things started booming. The more he promoted the more LSTC grew. In the first 6 months he hired 5 new team members and grew the patient visits by 30%!

At that point, he needed help managing the clinic growth and the staff that went with that. And so, I accepted a new challenge: to start working in the practice and to run the front end (front office, marketing, hiring, and overall staff training).

When I took over our front office,
several things became very clear:

• There were no systems in the front office; no way of tracking patient visits, no way of controlling cancellations, and no system for ensuring patients did what we needed them to do regarding their POC.

• Eeyore worked at my front desk. For anyone who has read the stories of Winnie the Pooh you know that Eeyore is a really ineffective low-tone person who has no control over his life and no inspiration to do so. Yikes!

• We were hemorrhaging patient visits on a daily basis which was costing us tons of money and adding lots of stress.

• Our collections from patients were horrible AND we were having a horrible time collecting on the back end once they had completed care.

• We didn’t have any set training for staff and no handbooks for handling situations that came up so they always became my problems.

Are YOU ready to help your front desk take control?

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It Was Evident That Something Had To Change
So I fixed my Front Desk

• I worked in my front office and learned everything I could about how it ran, how it needed to run, where we were lacking, and what we needed to track.

• I created front office systems for tracking patient visits, new patients, cancellations, and discharges.

• I wrote down the front office expectations and made sure that these job duties were in alignment with the products expected from the front desk / front office.

• I developed a checklist for the front desk to ensure consistency among shifts.

• I designed a training program for my front desk reps to ensure that everyone had the training they needed.

• I developed a hiring process that weeded out the losers and left us with the rock stars and I hired 2 incredible women to run our front desk.

Once we had all that in place, our front office boomed! Since the 4th quarter of 2012, arrival rate has been 95% or higher week after week. Our daily front end collections are 98% and our staff are highly skilled at handling patient objections to prevent cancellations, scheduling issues, and drop offs. My Patient Care Coordinators are now in control of their positions and are able to evaluate their metrics and if they’re down, they know what corrections to make to handle the situation. This is how a well-run front office should operate.

And then, our front office BOOMED,
and so did our practice!!

Once I’d fixed my front desk, I realized how I could continue to help others:

So, I started Front Office GURU with the primary goal helping private practice owners establish systems and set training in their front office to improve efficiency and organization. My main focus is one-on-one coaching and systems for your front office team.

​Training your front office team helps them have increased ability to manage patients and handle objections. They learn to take control of their responsibilities and have a better understanding of their role in the clinic.

As an owner or manager, you’ll improve your understanding of how to manage the front office without having to step in to get a task done.

​If you’re interested in expanding your practice, start by training your front office team. Click the link below to schedule a Discovery Call to learn more and get started on a new path TODAY.

Without trained Patient Care Coordinators running your front office

you end up with patient-related problems and you struggle to expand; no matter how much you put into your marketing. ​A well-trained front office team is just as valuable to you as your clinical team and the good news is, you don’t have to work in your front office or develop the training. I’ve done it for you! At Front Office GURU, I offer 1:1 coaching, training and systems for your front office team.

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